LoRa Connected Bait Box

$79.99 MSRP
UPC: #072868054402
  • Designed for high rodent interaction
  • Mounting holes provide option to secure in-place
  • Monitors bait consumption – receive notifications when bait is depleted
  • Supports all bait types – ideal for non-toxic baiting methods
  • 24/7 monitoring – manage bait box from anywhere with the app and online portal
  • LED indicator light lets you know when the bait box is connected to the network

Best Used For

false trigger detection
Long Range Connectivity
monitor from anywhere, anytime
Monitor From Anywhere, Anytime
easy box and app setup
Easy Box and App Setup

The VLINK™ Advantage

VLINK™ is the only solution that offers technicians unprecedented efficacy, durability, and consistent performance. Not only are VLINK™ products the most reliable on the market, but each product is also connected by the longest-range network in the industry. Coupled with an intuitive app – VLINK™ will change the way you do business.

Effective Design

Effective Design

The VLINK™ Connected Bait Box supports all bait types and has water-resistant (IP67-rated) electronics, offering you a complete coverage solution. Bait consumption alerts allow technicians to respond quickly when using non-toxic baiting methods. To encourage rodent interaction, this bait box is designed with a dual-entry tunnel. The box also features a tamper-resistant design and can be opened with the included key when in need of servicing.

Accurate Reporting

The VLINK™ Connected Bait features revolutionary sensors that monitor bait consumption. This ensures accurate reporting and provides technicians with better data for real-time monitoring. When the bait is depleted, you’ll receive an alert letting you know it’s time to service the box.

accurate reporting
Designed for Commercial Environments

Designed for Commercial Environments

The VLINK™ Connected Bait Box is a proven solution for commercial rodent protection. This heavy-duty bait box offers versatile placement options both indoors and outdoors with optional mounting holes and drain holes throughout the base. Built-in bait posts provide you with an easy baiting option and ensure your box is always properly baited.

Monitor from Anywhere

In addition to offering effective and convenient rodent control, the VLINK™ Connected Bait Box is also easy to pair with the app. The box’s LED indicator lights let you know when the box is properly calibrated and connected to the network. The custom app and online portal, built for PMPs, give you real-time visibility into all your sites so you can easily monitor your pest control system from anywhere, 24/7.

monitor from anywhere
VLINK™ Connected Bait Box
Model Number V440
For Use Against Mice & Rats
Kill Method Rodenticide
Where to Use Indoors and Outdoors, ideal for commercial environments
Alert Method App
App Compatibility VLINK Pest Network on iOS and Android
Materials Plastic, Metal