VLINK Rat Snap Trap Bundle

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  • Thumb grips and Easy-Set™ latch allow for quick and easy setting
  • High impact kill bar ensures a quick, effective kill
  • Bait cup and bait tie down allow for multiple baiting options
  • Long-range connectivity and false trigger detection
  • 24/7 monitoring – manage trap from anywhere with the app and online portal
  • LED indicator light lets you know when the trap is engaged and connected to the network
  • Easy trap setup and app pairing means you can get back to business quickly
  • Includes 12 Power-Kill PRO® Rat Snap Traps, 1 Gateway, and a Subscription

Features & Benefits

false trigger detection
False Trigger Detection
monitor from anywhere, anytime
Monitor From Anywhere, Anytime
easy trap and app setup
Easy Trap and App Setup

The VLINK™ Advantage

VLINK™ is the only solution that offers technicians unprecedented efficacy, durability, and consistent performance. Not only are VLINK™ traps the most reliable on the market, but each trap is also connected by the longest-range network in the industry. This bundle includes a VLINK™ gateway, a best-in-class communication hub for use in industrial IoT applications, as well as a subscription. Gateways ensure optimal connectivity for an unlimited number of VLINK™ traps and can cover up to 250,000 square feet inside and outside of a facility. Coupled with an intuitive app – VLINK™ will change the way you control rodents.

Quick, Effective Kill

Quick, Effective Kill

Convenient thumb grips and the Easy-Set™ latch allow for effortless, one-click setting. As soon as the rat engages with the bait, the powerful, High-Impact Kill Bar™ immediately snaps closed, ensuring a quick kill. Meanwhile, the trap’s sturdy, rodent-grabbing teeth prevent unwanted escapes. Afterward, the one-step spring action lets you easily remove the rodent.

Accurate Reporting

Unlike other connected snap traps, the VLINK™ Power-Kill PRO® will indicate whether a rodent is caught in the trap and can detect false triggers. This ensures accurate reporting and provides technicians with better data for real-time monitoring.

Accurate Reporting
Designed for Commercial Environments

Designed for Commercial Environments

The VLINK™ Power-Kill PRO® Rat Snap Trap is a proven solution for commercial rodent protection. This rugged IoT rat trap offers versatile placement options both indoors and outdoors with optional mounting holes and compatibility with industry standard bait boxes. A built-in bait cup and bait tie downs provide you with multiple baiting options and ensures your trap is always properly baited.

Monitor from Anywhere

In addition to offering effective and convenient rodent control, the VLINK™ Power-Kill PRO® Rat Snap Trap is also easy to pair with the app - it’s literally as simple as clicking the set bar into place. The trap’s LED indicator light lets you know when the trap is properly engaged and connected to the network. The custom app and online portal, built for PMPs, give you real-time visibility into all your trap sites so you can easily monitor your pest control system from anywhere, 24/7.

Monitor from Anywhere
VLINK™ Rat Snap Trap Bundle
Model Number BV430
  • 12 x VLINK™ Power-Kill PRO® Rat Snap Traps
  • 1 x VLINK™ Gateway
  • 1 VLINK™ Subscription
For Use Against Rats
Kills Per Settings 1
Kill Method High impact kill bar
Where to Use Indoors and Outdoors, ideal for commercial environments; compatible with industry standard bait boxes
Alert Method App
App Compatibility VLINK™ Pest Network on iOS and Android
Materials Plastic, Metal